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Eduard Anatolyevich Pichugin

Eduard A. Pichugin, the general director of Lenfilm Studios.
He is a board member of the Union of Cinematographers in Russian Federation; President of "Kinoalliance", the National Association of the Cinema Professional Organizations; the board member of the Producers Guild of Russian Federation. He has been engaged in promoting movie presentations and building cinema theaters since 1999. He holds a degree as a Candidate of Economic Sciences, wrote and defended the thesis on “Cash Flow Management in the Cinema Industry” within the framework of his major – “Finance and Credit”. He is a founder of the federal movie theater chains "Kronverk Cinema" and "KINO CITY".


Graduates of the Faculty of Production at VGIKa shared their experiences with students


On March 21, 2014 The Institute of Motion Picture Arts held a round table discussion on the topic: "From producing ideas to the audience," on the anniversary of the University and the Faculty of Economics and Production. Participants were well-known producers, VGIKa graduates and students of the faculty. The purpose of the event was to introduce today's students and teachers to graduate faculty who have found their place in the various fields of cinema and television, and listen to their views on the preparation of cadres VGIK producer.

"Every budget place in our department is a struggle. There are still attempts to include producers in the entrepreneurial field. And in this struggle we survive. The position, faculty, and department, which I chair, remains unchanged - on the one hand, we continue the tradition of classical teaching, on the other, we try to associate training with practical needs in our area,” said Head of the Department of Management Skills and Production Vitaly Sidorenko.




Producers came to share their experiences with students working not only in major studios, but also on television. Most graduates thanked Cinematography for creating a special atmosphere in which to learn nicely. Current students complained about the lack of practical experience, but the participants of the round table promised to help in solving this problem. A member of the board of trustees of VGIKa, director of the studio Eduard Pichugin offered students an internship at the studio, and the representative of Russia in the fund "Evrimazh" Leonid Demchenko said that this year, students can complete an internship at the studios which create paintings on public funds.



"Film and television industry are now in the best shape of the past 15 years. Today, the situation in relation to Russian television shows is also changing. All these processes provide industry demand for producers capable of producing, and creatively leading a project, with a high basis in culture. A huge number of large companies with access to state money and investment money, want to invest more money in the film industry. And for that they need people," said the general producer of “Kinoslovo” Peter Anurov.


"We are also very unhappy with the level of teaching drama at the producers. They need to radically rethink the teaching structure of courses in Film Direction, Cinematography, Screen Actor.” In order to do this, we we invited Alexei Guskov to teach this year. 

“Now we are preparing a new standard of education, which, finally, gives producers an opportunity to select an optional thesis defense: the classic version or movie. But for this, first of all, you need to solve the following problem: producers and directors must receive budget money for the project.



This year there was a real danger of canceling the creative test when applying for a specialty production and merge with the Department of Entrepreneurship at the HSE, but that problem was solved," Vitaly Sidorenko told the participants of the round table.


According to him, the round table allowed a constructive dialogue between alumni and students and helped sort out the pros and cons of the Faculty of Economics and the Institute of Cinematography Production. Now these meetings will be held more frequently.



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