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Eduard Anatolyevich Pichugin

Eduard A. Pichugin, the general director of Lenfilm Studios.
He is a board member of the Union of Cinematographers in Russian Federation; President of "Kinoalliance", the National Association of the Cinema Professional Organizations; the board member of the Producers Guild of Russian Federation. He has been engaged in promoting movie presentations and building cinema theaters since 1999. He holds a degree as a Candidate of Economic Sciences, wrote and defended the thesis on “Cash Flow Management in the Cinema Industry” within the framework of his major – “Finance and Credit”. He is a founder of the federal movie theater chains "Kronverk Cinema" and "KINO CITY".


Lenfilm’s debts are partly restructured


“Lenfilm Studios debts which total 80 million rubles have been partly restructured,” said the new CEO Eduard Pichugin to assembled journalists.


Lenfilm’s only shareholder, The Federal Agency of State Property Management, appointed the new management of the Studios in October and launched measures to lead the enterprise out of crisis. The new Chairman of the Board is Fyodor Bondarchuk, and the new CEO is Eduard Pichugin.


“Here is the result of 10 days work: the studios’ debts have been partly restructured, and its account has been unblocked,” says Pichugin.


According to him, the management initially thought that it would take longer to resolve these issues, but thanks to the creditors’ support, everything went faster.


“It will be possible to resurrect the Studios more quickly then we intended,” says Pichugin.


He drew attention to the fact that the new Chairman of the Board Fyodor Bondarchuk has come to St. Petersburg to hold the meeting of the working group and prepare the agenda for the first meeting of the new Board.


Bondarchuk told journalists that his vision of the Studios’ emergence from the crisis was less optimistic than Pichugin’s.


“The winter is coming, and there are problematic issues that must be solved here and now,” he noted.


Concerning Lenfilm’s creative activity, he said that there were various proposals from the Studios’ staff, directors, scriptwriters, art directors and animators. According to Bondarchuk, the majority of them supports the idea of resuscitating the Studios’ creative activities.


In his answer to a question about the new management, Bondarchuk said that 25 employees had joined the Studios. “They are people we have been working with for a long time, and they are efficient managers,” he says.


In his opinion, staff changes will continue. “I’m 100% sure about that,” he says.


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