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Eduard Anatolyevich Pichugin

Eduard A. Pichugin, the general director of Lenfilm Studios.
He is a board member of the Union of Cinematographers in Russian Federation; President of "Kinoalliance", the National Association of the Cinema Professional Organizations; the board member of the Producers Guild of Russian Federation. He has been engaged in promoting movie presentations and building cinema theaters since 1999. He holds a degree as a Candidate of Economic Sciences, wrote and defended the thesis on “Cash Flow Management in the Cinema Industry” within the framework of his major – “Finance and Credit”. He is a founder of the federal movie theater chains "Kronverk Cinema" and "KINO CITY".


On October 7 a new film by Vladimir Bortko "The soul of a spy" premiered in Moscow's “October” theater.
Lenfilm General Director Eduard Pichugin, chief editor Svetlana Karmalita, director Konstantin Butaev and screenwriter Mikhail Konovalchuk traveled to the city of Makhachkala and visited Mount Ahulgo, home of Imam Shamil.
On September 5 at the Oiyunsky Sakha Academic Theater in Yakutsk a solemn closing ceremony was held for the III International Film Festival in Yakutsk. Lenfilm's CEO Eduard Pichugin was present acting in his role as the president of the festival.
Today the Lenfilm Cinema complex opened in the main building of its studio on 10 Maennostrovsky Prospect. The guests assembled in the morning and welcomed Lenfilm CEO Eduard Pichugin, the chairman of the board of directors Fyodor Bondarchuk and chief editor Svetlana Karmalita. A plate with a sketch of the main building and the autographs of film-makers was smashed over the camera of famous film director Vitaly Melnikov in celebration.
Starting August 28th, the fully modernized historic Lenfilm theater will present novelties of domestic and foreign origin, as well as paintings from the studio's collection.
The film “Divorce at Will” received the special “Silver Boat” prize at the XXIII Vyborg Film Festival “Window to Europe 2015”!
A Delegation of Filmmakers from China visited the Lenfilm Studios last Friday. Among them were representatives of the China's leading film-company “China Film Corporation”, which controls around 70 percent of China's film industry and produces more than 30 films a year
As part of the 23rd festival of Russian Cinema “Window to Europe”, on the 8th of August Lenfilm presented the film “Divorce at Will” directed by Ilya Severova to compete with the feature films of “Autumn Premier.”
The general director of Lenfilm Eduard Pichugin addressed the North-Caucasian Youth Forum “Mashuk 2015” during celebrations for the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the foundation of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
Meeting all modern needs and requirements, new techniques are now available to help solve numerous problems with lighting, both in studio and on location, in completely new ways. The equipment was attained through integration at the initiative of the film-company Cinemeccanica. In total the studio has received more than 300 pieces of new equipment, among which are “Kinoflo” brand lighting equipment, LED panels, diffusion grid lamps, adapters and much more.
The work will be completed in August. The first major event to be held in the new interior will be the international forum “Kino Expo”, which Lenfilm participates in annually
On June 19th at the International Economic Forum, St. Petersburg governor Georgy Poltavchenko and CEO of the studio Eduard Pichugin signed an agreement on the implementation of the investment project “Lenfilm Park”, a production and tourism complex
Lenfilm recently presented an updated version of their opening title sequence. The familiar symbol of the Bronze-Horseman illuminated by spotlights appeared before audiences in 3D for the first time
After a face to face meeting with the Advisory Council on Feature Films in the Ministry of Culture announced copyrights on experimental and debut film projects that will be the recipients of Grant funding in 2015. One of the three projects approved in the process was Lenfilm Studio's “Girl and a Bird”
On the 28th of May Giant Park will hold a special first time screening of the Lenfilm production “Divorce at Will”, directed by Ilya Severova. Before the film, audiences will be treated to another premier: Lenfilm's famous title sequence featuring the bronzehorseman illuminated by spotlights will be presented for the first time in 3D
May 25th marks the completion of renovations on the main entrance to the studio. The entrance is open to visitors from 8 in the morning until 7pm. The Studio pass office has also been moved to the main the entrance.
Following a meeting of the board of trustees of cinema held on May, 12 2015, 34 projects from various film organizations. None of the organizations chosen are among the list of the leading domestic film companies
The studio's general director Eduard Pichurin recently met in Maikop with the leader of the Republic of Adygea Aslan Tkhakushinov. During the talks, which were conducted with an atmosphere of warmth and friendship, agreements were reached on possible joint projects. Aslan Kitovich made an interesting proposal to conduct field surveys in the mountains of Adygea, the beauty of which has long been glorified by folk poets
On May 15th 2015 Lenfilm opened the exhibition “Lenfilm. Films of Victory” in the first pavilion of the studio to commemorate the 70th anniversay of victory in the Great Patriotic War
The procession began at the administration building in the Petrograd district. At the head of the column were cadets of the Mozhaysky Military Space Academy. The cadets carried a huge victory banner measuring 10 by 15 meters and a copy of the banner hoisted over the Reichstag on May 9th 1945. The banner, sewn in the “Salute” factory, while the inscriptions were done by the foreman of the Decorative and Technical Installations at Lenfilm.
The general director of Lenfilm Eduard Pichugin, head of the United Russia Cinema Club, took park in the presentation of the all Russian project “Time of Russia”. Part of the event was devoted to the presentation of diplomas to the winners of the project in several categories. Prizes were awarded to representatives of “labor dynasties”: people who made great contributions to the development of Russian industry.
In late March, at the regular meeting of the Town Advisory Board of Art, the “Vega” workshop was presented with an alternative to the project with a much tighter leash on decorum, in the classical style, and, what eventually appeared as a key indicator of 2 meters in height
Lenfilm is currently working on a new documentary film for the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War by the directors Felix Eskin and Viktor Buturlin. The name of the film speaks for itself: “One for All”. The project will be implemented through funding provided by the Ministry of Culture and the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg
The reason for the governor's visit was the premier of the film “Battalion”, which was held in the Cinema-Center at Giant Park.
Several important figures took part in the opening ceremony of the new movie theater, including Governor of the Tula Oblast Vladimir Gruzdev, Member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Yulia Veprintseva, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Tula Oblast Tatyana Ribkina, General Director of “Lenfilm Studios” Eduard Pichugin and others.
A showcase of undergraduate projects from the students of Saint Petersburg State University's (SPbSU) department of Film and Television opened Dec. 1, 2014 in the Sound Stage #1 of “Lenfilm Studios.” SPbSU is the only institution in St. Petersburg to prepare art department specialists for film.
The board of “Kinoalliance” held its regular meeting on Nov. 26, 2014 but this time with officials newly elected for a 7-year term. The members of the organization, which unites theater chains and individual movie theaters in Russia, gathered to discuss urgent problems in the industry and develop a strategy to solve them.
The exhibition “50 years of Hamlet” opened at “Lenfilm Studios” on Dec. 1. The governor of St. Petersburg, Georgiy Poltavchenko, participated in the opening ceremony.
One of the main projects of “Lenfilm” is the creation of the motion picture “Indemnity” in the studio's Sound stage 5. The film's director is Sergei Snezhkin, People's Artist of Russia and the winner of the Russian Federation State Award. He is known for “The White Guard,” “Bury Me Behind the Baseboard,” and “Brezhnev.”
“Lenfilm Studios” has partially reconstructed facilities near their Sound Stage #5. Now there is a room for storage and maintenance of lighting. When the restoration work began on the sound stage, this new building stored furniture temporarily.
The exhibition "50 years of Hamlet” is a landmark event in the cultural life of St. Petersburg. At the heart of the exhibition are original priceless artifacts from the collection of "Lenfilm Studios": historical costumes, fragments of decorations, posters, sketches, and photos.
“Lenfilm Studios” offered its theater “Velikan Park” for the unusual exposition “12 chairs.” You could say that these are the 12 chairs. They were chosen for the exposition as unique rarities taken from Furniture Warehouse Department of Lenfilm”.
During the November holidays of 1934 in Russia occurred an event that forever entered the history of Russian film. Theaters hosted the triumphant march of the movie “Chapaev,” shot at “Lenfilm Studios”. Today the legendary motion picture of directors with coincident last names Georgi and Sergei Vasilyev, entered in the annals of world film as the “Brothers Vasilyev,” achieves 80 years since its debut.
During the general modernization of “Lenfilm Studios,” reconstruction was completed on the legendary studio cafe. It again brings joy to all its visitors.
The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography and “Lenfilm Studios” agreed to work together in training students, the university's rector Vladimir Malyshev announced in a press conference on Monday.
The movie theater “Rodina” hosted a showing of a unique film, a living classic of Russian cinema by national artist Sergei Mikaelian, who worked with “Lenfilm” to create this masterpiece, “Motley Pebbles.”
In the First International Saint-Petersburg Media Forum, the head of “ROSKINO” and general producer of the Media Forum Ekaterina Mtsituridze all of a sudden organized an auction.
Today, October 10, is a momentous anniversary for Sergey Snezhkin. The well-known director, People's Artist of Russia, State laureate, and winner of prizes from many prestigious film festivals turned 60 today.
General Director of “Lenfilm Studios” Eduard Pichugin took part in the round table discussion “One can't put quotas on subsidization,” which was held in the business program of the Saints Petersburg International Media Forum.
“The role and importance of movie theaters is difficult to overestimate. Their development and construction is our most important task. In Russia there is no chain of state-owned movie theaters,” said E. Pichugin at the plenary session of the First Saint Petersburg International Media Forum on Wednesday.
General Director of “Lenfilm Studios” Eduard Pichugin took part in “Bridges,” a new social discussion project by the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and the regional charity movement “Golden Pelican – Northwest.”
In the lobby of “Velikan Park,” the theater hosted a small exposition of costumes from film adaptions of Shakespeare's works, such as “Hamlet,” “King Lear” (directed by G. Kozintsev), and “Twelfth Night” (directed by A. Abrams). The exhibit displayed rare photography and posters from the famous films.
In the fourth sound stage of “Lenfilm Studios,” movie company “Russian Golden Series,” with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, filmed the final episode of its full-length feature sports film, “Fighter.” The film's director is Nurbek Egen (“Live on,” “Wrestlers don't feel pain”).
From the 20th to the 24th of October 2014, “Velikan Park” will open its doors to everything wonderful, exciting, hidden from us in reality.
In honor of the opening ceremony, General Director of “Lenfilm Studios” Eduard Pichugin gave the director of “Baltic Star” Georgiy Shub a poster from the motion picture “Hamlet.” This year marks 50 years since the moment the movie was released in theaters.
The forum will continue until October 10 and proceed in several city squares, including the cinema center “Velikan Park.” At this time, the site will host the International Market of Film/Television Content and New Media. Here will proceed the market of Internet startups in the sphere of new media and entertainment industry, the market for co-production, the festivals of television series and short films, the television content market, and the international film market DOORS.
The legendary Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater (BDT) on the River Fontanka is known worldwide. Now this symbol of the Northern Capital with a 95-year history has become one of the most technically equipped theaters in Europe. Renovations and repairs on the building have gone on for four years. It was decided to open the main stage on the birthday of the great director, Gregory Tovstonogov, for whom the theater is named.
In St. Petersburg on September 25 the XXIV International Festival “Baltic House” began. The festival opened with a press conference at Mikhailovsky Castle. It was attended by the general director of “Baltic House” Sergey Shub, theater and festival art director Marina Belyaeva, Italian director Romeo Kasteluchi, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Culture Boris Illarionov, and director of “Lenfilm Studios” Eduard Pichugin.
“Lenfilm Studios” made a good start in accomplishing its business plan on the first day of the exhibit “Kinoexpo.” The general director of the company Premier Hall Cinema Vladimir Petelin and General Director of “Lenfilm Studios” Eduard Pichugin signed an agreement for long-term cooperation. While Premier Hall and “Lenfilm Studios” are now long-term partners, earlier they only worked together on specific projects. For example, Premier Hall took part in the theatrical release of Alexei German’s film “Hard to be a god.”
“Lenfilm Studios” will participate in XVI International Forum and Exhibition "KINO EXPO,” an exhibition running September 22-26 in St. Petersburg in Pavilion 7 of the “Lenexpo” complex.
Last week students from St. Petersburg State University’s film and television department worked on several projects at a workshop started by Pavel Medvedev. First, they helped with the sporting feature film from director Ilya Severov “Track,” which is now in post production, and then with the documentary film “Fir trees on the shore” from director Alexander Pozdnyakov
“Message to Man” was the first international festival in Russia to specialize in documentary film. To this day it remains Russia's largest event in this field of cinema, although now “Message to Man” will also be a festival for short animated and pilot films. The movie theater “Velikan Park” begins showing films of the film festival on September 21.
The façade of the “Lenfilm Studios” main building, first built in 1956 by the architect Georgi Petrov, has been updated with white columns and is again prepared to receive guests. Head of “Lenfilm Studios”: quota on foreign films hurts rather than helps Russian Federation Limiting the amount of foreign films in Russian cinemas harms the domestic film industry, says the director of the oldest film studio in the Russian Federation, “Lenfilm Studios,” Eduard Pichugin.
A three-day master class from Oscar-winning artist Rob Burman about prosthetics was held in the newly renovated dressing rooms at “Lenfilm Studios.” The event took place thanks to the support of the school of prosthetics "Peter FX” and the US Consulate General in St. Petersburg. Artists from 13 regions of Russia came together for the workshop.
On August 27, 2014 in Moscow, a round table discussion for the Day of Russian Cinemas was attended by the head of the Cinema Fund Anton Malyshev, director of the Ministry of Culture Cinematography Vyacheslav Tel'nov, producer Sergey Selyanov, director of "Lenfilm Studioes" Eduard Pichugin, Gorky Sergei Zernov, rector of Cinematography Vladimir Malyshev and secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia Oleg Ivanov.
On March 21, 2014 The Institute of Motion Picture Arts held a round table discussion on the topic: "From producing ideas to the audience," on the anniversary of the University and the Faculty of Economics and Production. Participants were well-known producers, VGIKa graduates and students of the faculty. The purpose of the event was to introduce today's students and teachers to graduate faculty who have found their place in the various fields of cinema and television, and listen to their views on the preparation of cadres VGIK producer.
March 19 “Lenfilm” Studios hosted a symposium-workshop for the new SONY 4K products. The event was organized by SONY with the support of «Lenfilm Studios».
Preparations have begun at Lenfilm Studios for a new movie called “The Reynard Fox”. This film will be created by the young but already well-known director Alexandra Strelyanaya, the author of “Sukhodol”/”Dry Land”, “Morye”/”The Sea” and others.
February 21, 2014: The premier of Alexei German’s “Hard to be a God” was held in the movie theater complex “Velikan Park.” The filmmakers called this the main St. Petersburg premier, which was held on the anniversary of Alexei Yuryevich German’s death.
On February 19, 2014, the premier of “Aiyy Wal,” a film by Yakut director Eduard Novikov, opened in the Velikan Park in St. Petersburg at 7:00PM.
Lenfilm Studios and Sony have concluded an agreement on the mutual and long term partnership in the field of high technology. Agreeing to sign in St. Petersburg document the film studio plans to purchase equipment, such as monitors and cameras, from the Japanese manufacture for the equipment of Lenfilm's TV studio. At the center of these new technologies, is the specialized vehicles for the Mobile Capture Motion system. Also providing the creation of a rental house at the oldest national film studio. There are also plans for a co-production between Lenfilm and Sony Pictures.
Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev has implemented changes to the composition of the Government Council for the Development of Russian Cinematography. The order has been published to the official portal of legal information.
According to the Ministry of Culture, the ban on calling tenders “ensures greater transparency in the procedures for allocating funds”, in which representatives of cinema audiences would take part in. Details on the mechanisms of the new allocation were not disclosed. Earlier, members of the film community had been involved in financial decisions as experts, for example, they played a large role in the film “pitching” to the Ministry of Culture and the Cinema Fund.
Phillip Kirkorov is now filming at Lenfilm Studios. In the second sound there is a very simple set: a background of two dark blue screens, and on a dark reflective floor stands an ordinary bench, like in some sort of airport lounge or train station...
The premiers of two films, that were both filmed at Lenfilm Studios, are now at the International Film Festival in Rome (8-17 November.) The International film premier of Stalingrad, on November 10th, finished with resounding applause and has caused a lot of positive feedback in the press. While planning the premier of the film Hard to be God, Directors of the Rome Film Festival decided to award Aleksei German with the Lifetime Achievement Award, which will be presented to the family of the late director. It is the first time in history of the Europe Film Festival that this prize will be presented posthumous. Today, the day after the award, will be the long awaited world premier of the film Hard to be God.
In Varshava there will be the 7th festival of the Russian film Sputnik over Poland. Besides new Russian films, Polish viewers saw the retrospective of the films of late Aleksei German. All films by the director, except for his last, Hard to be God, have premiered on the days of this International film festival in Rome. The retrospective will open with a documentary film by Aleksander Pozdnyakov "German: on the Other Side of the Camera," filmed at Lenfilm.
On November, 10 Lenfilm was paid a visit by Culture Minister of Russian Federation.
On the 18th of November on channel "Russia 1" premiers a new Sherlock Holmes by Director Andrei Kavuna with Igor Petrenko (Holmes) and Andrei Panyny (Watson.) Filming of the serial was in Petersburg, and of course, at Lenfilm.
“Lenfilm Studios debts which total 80 million rubles have been partly restructured,” said the new CEO Eduard Pichugin to assembled journalists.
The Federal Agency of State Property Management has approved the Ministry of Culture’s proposal for Lenfilm’s new management, according to Dmitry Pristanskov, the Agency’s Deputy Director.
On Friday, July 29, I signed a cooperation agreement on the development of the cinema industry with the Government of the Orenburg Region.
The Novosibirsk branch of the Saint Petersburg studio Nepokorennye (The Unsubdued) opened an original exhibit of young contemporary art in the KINOСITY Cultural and Leisure Center. The exhibit will be open to the public until August 9; you are welcome to come and see how global traditions are perceived by young creative artists.
On June 26, 2011, within the framework of the Moscow International Film Festival, we, representing the All-Russian Forum Kino Rossiyi 2020 (Russian Forum 2020) along with the Moscow International Film Festival, Sovexportfilm, and the First Channel conducted a conference “Reinventing International Promotion Systems in the Russian Cinema Industry”.
Our company and Vneshekonombank signed a memorandum on implementing the investment project KINOCLUB: Culture, Education, and Communication in Saint Petersburg on June 17, 2011. This project, initiated by the All-Russian political party Yedynaya Rossiya to implement the resolutions of the Government Council for the Development of Domestic Cinematography, approved on February 2, 2011, envisages creating a network of regional film clubs in cities with populations totaling at least 500 thousand people. Then, the Government Council on Cinematography charged Vneshekonombankto to work out the support mechanisms for the KINOCLUB Project.
The Festival for Social and Ecological Advertising “Clean Cities for Everyone!” recently came to an end for the winners and participants in out KINO CITY cinema center in Novosibirsk.
On June 17, 2011, a discussion on the topic - “The Cinema: A World without Borders” - took place in Saint Petersburg within the framework of the International Economic Forum. The main subject matter of this meeting was “Technologies: Expanding Horizons.”
A special event – Night of Contemporary Art – will be held in Saint Petersburg through the night of 17 to 18 June, 2011; ten galleries will take part in this event. This will be the only night when all the galleries will be open to the public.
On June 6-7, 2011, within the framework of the Russian Open Film Festival Kinotavr in Sochi, we organized the second conference of the all Russian Forum – KINO ROSSIYI 2020 (Russian Cinema 2020) – “Main Strategic Guidelines for the Development of the Film Industry in the Russian Federation”.
On June 6-7, 2011, within the framework of the Russian Open Film Festival, Kinotavr, in Sochi, we will organize the second conference of the All-Russian Forum – KINO ROSSIYI 2020 (Russian Cinema 2020) – “Main Strategic Guidelines for the Development of the Film Industry in the Russian Federation”.
On May 28, 2011, the UEFA Football League of Champions final between Barcelona and Manchester United was broadcast live in 3D cinema theaters, which are managed by our KINO CITY Company. The game took place in Wembley Stadium in England.
On May 19, 2011, the project – KINOCLUB: Culture, Education, and Communication – initiated by the All-Russian political party Yedynaya Rossiya was presented at the Russian Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival.
On May 28, 2011, the UEFA Football League of Champions final between Barcelona and Manchester United will be broadcast live in 3D cinema theaters, which are managed by our KINO CITY Company, the main operator of the project – KINOCLUB: Culture, Education, and Communication – initiated by the All-Russian political party, Yedynaya Rossiya. The game will take place in Wembley Stadium in England.
On May 16, 2011, our company, as the main operator of the project - KINOCLUB: Culture, Education, and Communication – initiated by Yedynaya Rossiya, and Aleksandr Zhilkin, Governor of the Astrakhan Region, signed an agreement on Kino City’s participation in modernizing regional film presentation infrastructures.
The KINOCLUB Project is picking up speed. In the near future, we plan to open two more modern cinema centers in Russian cities. These will be built in Tula and Adler.
An important event regarding our KINOCLUB project took place on April 29. We went from the planning to the operating stage: the construction of the first multiplex cinema center within the framework of the project. It was encouraging that we were able to connect through a telecom space bridge (teleconference) to the meeting on culture in Penza, presided by the Chairman of the Government, and report on the implementation of the resolutions on cinematography approved by the State Council, which the Chairman began to administer at the beginning of February! As the popular saying goes… “No sooner said than done!”
We opened a new bank office on Wednesday, April 27. You can get acquainted with the official press release below. New standards of service offered by the AB Finans Bank A new bank office opened officially at 22 Sadovo-Karetnaya Street, Building 1, on April. 27.
The first event of the All-Russian Forum Kino Rossiyi 2020 – a conference concerning “Problems and Prospects of Development in the Russian Film Industry” – took place in Saint Petersburg on April 19, 2011.
On April 14, 2011, I took part in the ceremony, whereby a capsule was laid in the foundation of the Velikan multiplex theater in Aleksandrovskiy Park. This event was also attended by Anton Gubankov, President of the Committee for Culture of the Saint Petersburg Government, Fedor Bondarchuk, member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Cinema and Television, Head of the Public Council of the Kinoclub project, and Aleksandr Yevmenov, Rector of the University of Cinema and Television.
The first meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Government Council of Cinematography, presided by Vladimir Putin, the RF Prime Minister, took place at 10:00 on April 14, 2011 (venue: the Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television). The future of the university, destined to become one of the leaders of a new development vector in the domestic cinema industry. The high potential of the university was recognized by everyone, as it is able to resolve major tasks involving shooting and production systems in digital cinematography. Thus, the Government Council for the Development of Domestic Cinematography, presided by V.V. Putin, Chairman of the RF Government approved the resolution dated February 1, 2011, according to which tasks involving the development and improvement of the material base at the Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television are presented in full.
The KINO CITY Group of Companies and the gallery of modern art – Nepokorennye (The Unsubdued) present the art project – ANTROPIYA: Human Chaos Structures – in Novosibirsk. The exhibit opened on April 1, and will be prolonged to May 12. The ANTROPIYA project includes a DJ installation and DJ chill-out from the Kiliov Bar, and video art projected on a big screen. The collection is presented by Aleksey Grishchenko, and Daniel Antsiferov’s Freak-cuisine.
The first meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television will take place at 10:00 on April 14, 2011. This university is destined to become one of the leaders of a new development vector in the domestic cinema industry, which was set up during the meeting of the Government Council of Cinematography, presided by Vladimir Putin, the RF Prime Minister, held in Moscow on February 2.
Meetings with potential partners of KINO CITY were probably the most important events of my stay in the USA. We made some very promising arrangements, which made us all very happy. Two companies have planned to sign official papers with us - Christie and Barco. Both of them are leaders in the field of cinema equipment, each of them in its own sector.
During the meeting of the Government Council on the Development of Domestic Cinematography, it was specified that modernizing the infrastructures of film presentations and supporting professional training and educational processes would constitute priority directions for domestic cinematography.
The KINO CITY Company carried out negotiations with the administration of the Astrakhan Region concerning the Oktiabr (October) theater, located in the heart of Astrakhan, as well as several other cinema theaters in smaller Astrakhan cities – Akhtubinsk, Kharabali, and Kamiziak – joining the project of the Yedynaya Rossiya Party: KINOCLUB: Culture, Education, and Communication.
We met with several companies, which supply equipment for cinema theaters at the production exhibit, which was organized within the framework of the CinemaCon conference; we discussed the possibilities of manufacturing seats and film projection equipment in Russia.
On March 31, at the CinemaCon, I attended the pre-screening of the new film, “Bad Teacher”, produced by Sony Pictures. Sony invited the stars of this picture – Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz – to the festival.
The Board of Trustees of the Saint Petersburg University of Cinema and Television conducted a meeting at the CinemaСon Festival on March 30; American member-participants attended this meeting.
Get acquainted with the interview (reprinted from the Web site of the Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russian Journal), written by Valeriy Kichin
As of March 1, professors from the Faculty of Management through Economic and Social Processes will start lecturing at the Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television.
Based on data of the search system Поиск@Mail.Ru, James Cameron’s movie “Avatar” was the most popular film according to the number of requests and inquiries in one year.
Fedor Bondarchuk, renowned film director and producer, and Eduard Pichugin Manager of the project of the YEDYNAYA ROSSIYA Party – KINOCLUB: Culture, Education, and Communication” – made a working visit to Yakutsk, where they took part in signing a bilateral agreement with Yuriy Zabolev, Mayor of Yakutsk, on launching the construction of a new cinema theater, a modern multimedia educational center.
The foundation stone for the multimedia educational cinema center was laid in Rzhev on Thursday, February 3. Boris Gryzlov, Chairman of the Higher Council of the Yedynaya Rossiya Party (United Russia Party), Chairman of the State Duma, took part in the ceremony, reports ER.RU correspondent.
Vladimir Putin has reduced State support of the cinema in 2011, but suggested doubling the number of cinema theaters in Russia.
Transcript of the meeting of the Government Council for the Development of Domestic Cinematography