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Eduard Anatolyevich Pichugin

Eduard A. Pichugin, the general director of Lenfilm Studios.
He is a board member of the Union of Cinematographers in Russian Federation; President of "Kinoalliance", the National Association of the Cinema Professional Organizations; the board member of the Producers Guild of Russian Federation. He has been engaged in promoting movie presentations and building cinema theaters since 1999. He holds a degree as a Candidate of Economic Sciences, wrote and defended the thesis on “Cash Flow Management in the Cinema Industry” within the framework of his major – “Finance and Credit”. He is a founder of the federal movie theater chains "Kronverk Cinema" and "KINO CITY".





The KINOCITY Company introduces cinematography action programs in different cities of the Russian Federation. The concept is based on constructing a free standing two-storied modular building connected to urban communication systems:

•    a cinema with two movie theaters in cities with a population of less than 100 thousand people;
•    a cinema with three movie theaters in cities with a population ranging from 100 thousand to 400 thousand people;
•    a cinema with four movie theaters in cities with a population ranging from 100 thousand to 400 thousand people.

Each complex center will have a comfortable and cozy foyer – a place where major action events will take place: movie premieres, special events, and municipal celebrations. The cinema foyer will be equipped with WI-FI. The second floor of the building will be outfitted with an Internet Club with ADSL network, hobby groups, a videotheque, and an electronic library. The multi-media center may also be equipped with game rooms for children, a kiddie café, and a dance school.

Digital and satellite equipment will provide tremendous opportunities to use the cinema center for educational purposes. All spaces can be transformed thanks to light, sound as well as projection screens. Adapted to any time of the day and any day of the week, this concept creates a very comfortable atmosphere and a festive mood for all the visitors.  Children’s celebrations in the morning; family relaxation in the afternoon; special events for young people at night. This project will become a center of leisure and education for the whole family within its specific municipal district.



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