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Eduard Anatolyevich Pichugin

Eduard A. Pichugin, the general director of Lenfilm Studios.
He is a board member of the Union of Cinematographers in Russian Federation; President of "Kinoalliance", the National Association of the Cinema Professional Organizations; the board member of the Producers Guild of Russian Federation. He has been engaged in promoting movie presentations and building cinema theaters since 1999. He holds a degree as a Candidate of Economic Sciences, wrote and defended the thesis on “Cash Flow Management in the Cinema Industry” within the framework of his major – “Finance and Credit”. He is a founder of the federal movie theater chains "Kronverk Cinema" and "KINO CITY".


KinoClub: Culture, Education, Communication


KINOCLUB represents a large-scale project, aimed at creating cultural, educational, and intellectual centers in all the regions of Russia. Each KinoClub will have its own multi-media movie theater, an Internet Club, and various leisure activities and groups for young people.

KinoClubs represent contemporary versions of Palaces of Culture, where movies will be projected, and various exhibitions and presentations will take place. Movie premieres, educational broadcasts, sports events, and concerts can be shown all across the country through modern digital technologies. KinoClub premises are also ideal for holding conferences or forums by means of applied modern communication technologies (television space bridges).

In addition, the KinoClub project will enable each and every person residing in Russia to access the most important information resources in the country, including the B.N. Yeltsin Presidential Library, the virtual branch of the Russian State Museum, etc.
Project Coordinator: Aleksandr Dmitrevich Zhukov, Vice-President of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Project Manager: Eduard Anatolevich Pichugin

Chairman of the Project Public Council: Feodor Sergeevich Bondarchuk

Project Objectives:

Contributing to the creation of an integrated cultural and information space in the country.

Project Targets:

•    providing access to quality leisure services and cultural treasures for residents of small and middle-sized cities;
•    raising the cultural level and moral development among Russian citizens;
•    developing the domestic film industry.

Project Technologies:

The project will take shape through different construction of KinoClubs, multi-media leisure and educational centers, modern versions of the old Palaces of Culture.
At least 250 KinoClubs are expected to open in the Russian Federation by 2020, 144 of which will be located in small and middle-sized cities (up to 100 thousand residents).

KinoClub Constructions:

modernizing existing movie theaters and Palaces of Culture;
constructing new KinoClubs;



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